Insidious inflammation

Insidious inflammation

Like it or not, inflammation is a natural and needed process in our body. It is part of our having an effective immune system. However, if inflammation gets out of hand or occurs in the wrong place, it can have some very negative effects, causing tissue damage, hormonal imbalances, and in extreme cases, death.  

Optimising your lifestyle habits and maintaining a healthy regime will of course go a long way towards keeping undue inflammation at bay.

An anti-inflammatory diet for instance includes keeping your blood sugar levels stable by eating whole rather than refined foods, keeping away from additives and artificial ingredients and ensuring you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Taking regular exercise, reducing your stress levels and getting regular quality sleep will also contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

What of the times when inflammation is causing you pain? Everything from headaches to inflamed joints can be alleviated by using the Calipher 3 as a patch. At first I had my doubts, I have to admit!

I can understand how improving my energetic environment to help me get a better night’s sleep works and likewise I have felt greater mental clarity when using the Calipher 3 – but I had never thought of lending it to my husband who had strained the muscles in his arm after a serious session of chainsawing!

Anyhow, I decided to strap it to his arm and see what would happen.

He was even more sceptical than I was and for the first half hour claimed he felt no different. About 40 minutes into it however he said the pain had gone and it was probably due to his resting. I love how people often experience the results for themselves and yet still find it hard to believe!

Later that same week my son returned home having injured his leg in a rugby game. So, once again, I used the Calipher 3 and after only 20 minutes he said the ache had disappeared.

Since then we always keep it to hand and use it as a patch for anything that requires rapid inflammation reduction – and it works each time – even on the most sceptical people!