Hotter by the minute

Hotter by the minute

This summer has hit some very high temperatures which has left many feeling lethargic and low in energy. Yet summer is a good time for us to revitalise and get a good dose of sunlight – staying tucked away inside is not always the best solution!

Some good ways of enjoying the summer regardless of the temperatures include eating less high carbo foods, enjoying lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, taking a walk first thing in the morning when it is still cool, setting your yoga mat outside and greeting the sun as it rises and getting a good nights sleep.

Air pollution can be exacerbated by hot temperatures which can also make you feel lack lustre which is why doing some form of gentle exercise early in the day will help balance your energy.

Reducing electromagnetic congestion is also key – this is one of the main causes for a constant sense of fatigue, lack of concentration and even an underlying sense of anxiety. Many people put this down to the intense heat, however, a device such as the Generat  is a simple, no fuss way of reducing the negative effect of low level magnetic frequencies throughout an entire house. When you are out and about it is worth tucking your Calipher into your top pocket!

Finally – remember that summer brings us lots of light which we should welcome into our lives – make the most of the long days by getting up a little earlier than in the winter and enjoy how nature blossoms around you – it is a time for growth and abundance – even if you do sometimes feel the abundance of heat could be moderated!